André xoh Meindorfer

it security engineer.|software engineer.|system administrator.|ctf player.|hackerspace segmentation vault co-founder.|pc and console gamer.|privacy activist.

Hi there, my name is xoh

and I am ...

... an it security engineer

Running a security operations center with SIEM, NIDS, SOAR & more.

... a software engineer

Spezialized in the fields of enterprise web backends, distributed systems, microcontrollers, task automation and low-level programming, I resort to various programming languages.
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... a system administrator

I am and already have been administrating various services, like: JavaEE application servers, virtualization clusters of different technologies, elastic stack cluster, file servers, storages (NAS & SAN), network devices and cron jobs that ping google.

... a ctf player

Previous (2013-2017) leader of ctf team WeAreScientists. Achieved various top 10% placements. Participated in on site VolgaCTF final 2017. Won October 2020 Trend Micro EDR CTF.

... co-founder and chairman of the hackerspace segmentation vault

Founded and opened 2017. Located in geographical proximity of the main station and the university of applied sciences in Sankt Pölten. Can be found online here.

... a passionate pc and console gamer

And I collect consoles, the oldest one being from 1983.

... a privacy activist

Member of the CCC e.V. and the EFF, supporter of The Tor Project, Free Software Foundation Europe and more.


What I do and what I did.
Security Operations Manager - sports data sector -
Security Engineering Lead - sports data sector -
IT Security Engineer - sports data sector -
IT Security Engineer - healthcare sector -
Master Information Security - Sankt Pölten University of Applied Sciences -
IT Systems Operator - education sector -
Bachelor IT Security - Sankt Pölten University of Applied Sciences -
alternative civilian service - healthcare sector -
Computing and organisation - Federal Higher Technical Institute for Education and Experimentation Sankt Pölten -

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Dipl.-Ing. André Meindorfer, BSc


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